Sunday, April 22, 2012

Starting to feel the itch

I've recently caught myself reading Eve blogs again and checking out the latest news on I think my case of burn-out is almost over.

 Could this be a new beginning for Buck?

 Hmmm...the possibilities are intriguing.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Comms Comms Comms

Ever since Black Sail's brief stint in Mean Coalition I have been very strict about people using comms. That last fail alliance would regularly have fleet engagements with multiple corps and multiple comms. It was always a cluster fuck and we usually ended up trying to coordinate through chat windows! I swore that wouldn't happen again while I was running things.

This determination caused a lot of friction with another corp (Sinners) that joined the Yarr alliance. They wanted to use their own comm system while I wanted all joint alliance ops to be on the alliance Vent channel. They saw this as a threat to their independence (or something) and ended up leaving the alliance for this and huge egos a few other reasons.

Whatever. We have a corp policy that if you are going to pvp with us, you must be in fleet and on comms. If you are applying to the corp, you need to have a mic. I used to let a few people in with the understanding that their mic was broke and they would eventually get one. Many times this stretched out and became a real problem during ops. I got sick of this and now we our recruiting forums clearly say that you are not getting accepted unless you have a working mic. It's not like you can't run down to the nearest Wal-Mart and buy a $10 in a pinch.

It's a good policy and it's worked. Last night I had a experience that reminded me of why we have that policy. The (in)famous ex-Python Cartel member and blogger Andrea Skye convoed me and said he was coming back to the game and was interested in joining Black Sail. I immediately set him blue to the alliance and told him to drop an app in-game. I used to read his blog when I first started out with this game and am very excited to have an experienced pirate like him join the team.

A little later a few of us engaged two Solar Fleet battleships (maelstrom and dommi) on a gate. They were pretty tough bastards and we had some trouble breaking the tank of the maelstrom and ended up losing two hurricanes before we killed it. Since we were taking gate fire and I had to warp my tempest away in structure, I brought in my falcon alt to jam the dommi and let some of the battered ships get away. This alt is in a different corp but is still in the same alliance.

Someone said on vent that Andrea was warping in a Gila to help out and not to shoot him. That was cool with me because we needed the DPS. Then my ship immediately got blown out of the water by Andrea. I didn't realize it until after the fight (we still killed the dommi though).

At first I thought Andrea had couble crossed us but it turns out he didn't have a complete picture of what was going on and just been invited to join the fight by "HEY FIGHT AT GATE!! COME HELP! COME HELP". He had set Black Sail to blue but failed to set the entire alliance blue. Upon arrival at the gate he saw an evil non-blue falcon and did what comes natural.

If we had invited him to comms first, we all would have known what was going on and who primary was but since he wasn't...we had another clusterfuck on our hands. Luckily we got it all sorted out and Andrea is still joining us. And we learned a 180mil isk lesson about the importance of using comms.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

That's Dedication

Things have been going great with Black Sail and the alliance as a whole. I have to admit that I had some serious concerns a few months ago that a fail cascade was imminent. We were on horrible terms with everyone in our home system. One corp had just left our alliance and appeared on the verge of joining up with our reds. Our enemies seemed to have the skills and numbers to make us miserable and the kb/activity level was proof that things were headed south.

So I called the move and we went to a new area. It was a rocky start and we lost several members and a few more went inactive. Luckily we got an infusion of new members to Gray Sail and our more experienced Black Sail members did a good job of learning the ins and outs of our new home. We got whipped a few times before we got a feel for our new enemies but the dynamics of the area favored us.

Now things have done a complete 180 from before. Every night shows a large number of pilots logged in. We have a very very high retention rate and our killboard is rocking. Most importantly, people seem to be having a lot of fun when they are logged in. I think this adversity had caused us to bond and we are now working very well together. If you are reading this and you are looking for a fun laid back pirate corp, you may want to check us out. We roam. We gate camp. We do high sec suicide ganks. We make strange homo-erotic comments to each other in vent. It's a blast!

How do I know morale is high? Because one of our members got our corp symbol cut into his hair.
At least that is what he tells me is it. It could also be a hockey mask with wings. Either way, that's dedication! Now if I can just convince everyone to get Black Sail tattoos...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pandemic Legion in the house

The big boys have come to low sec and it's getting interesting.

Yarr Collective moved to Egghelende a few months ago and it seemed like a fun stop. Our major problem was Bane alliance but they usually didn't come in system in big numbers and seemed content to pick off corp members who were sloppy on gate camps or while sitting still at a safe. It was actually a good thing because it kept us on our toes.

Then the faction warfare corp Quantum Cats moved in and things got more difficult. While Q-Cats were especially aggressive, they had numbers. Combine them with Bane and we were usually outnumbered 3 to 1 in Egg. This was frustrating but it was also good for the corp. It got us roaming more and we began getting more kills outside of our home system. I figured Q-Cats were only going to be around for a short period of time then we would go back to just dealing with Bane.

Then Pandemic Legion moved in next door in Amamake. I heard that Q-Cats got their asses waxed by them and suddenly Q-Cats was nowhere to be found. I guess they didn't want to deal with being hotdropped every engagement. So it's back to dealing with Bane. Things are back to normal for us in Egg with the exception that PL members will sometimes stick their heads in Egg. When that happens, things get interesting.

We were on a short BC roam the other day in Auga when we came across a PL Hyperion baiting on the Amamake belt. I put a cloaky in system and saw a Rokh and Abbadon on the other side. There was no way we were going to engage PL in their home system so we headed back towards Egg. As we jumped in Siseide I noticed the PL battle ships jumping into Auga and giving chase. I had everyone jump into Egg and dock up with the intent of getting some bigger ships in case they came into system.

I put a cloaky in Egg on the Siseide gate and waited. A hurricane jumped into Egg and a PL rapier and Falcon uncloaked. The PL battleships jumped in and engaged the Hurricane and started taking gate guns. We all undocked and warped to the gate and jumped on them. A few off us had reshipped to Tempests so we had decent firepower plus we had a Falcon come with us. The Rapier bugged out and we were able to kill all three PL battleships while only losing a battlecruiser. It was a great fight and I felt pretty good about it. However I knew that we would be seeing more of PL.

They came back the next night with a bigger battleship fleet and killed a couple of our battlecruisers so I figured it was over but the following night there was an Exequror Navy Issue sitting on top station and one of us engaged it. The rest of our gang warped in to whore on the killmail assist our corpmate when a cyno got lit and 6 capital ships hotdropped us.

It's going to be interesting to see if this going to be a common thing with PL. I wonder how long they are staying.

Friday, September 2, 2011

The continuing adventures of Ragebear

My previous post detailed a funny reaction by one of our alliance carebears to getting ganked. I had hoped that this guy would calm down and start to try to learn the Way of the Flashy Red. Unfortunately it seems his temper is just too short. Someone made the mistake of calling him "Ragebear" in alliance chat and we were off to the races once again. Here is the hilarious chat. It should be obvious but the Ragebear is Amun Akris.

[ 2011.08.27 04:34:25 ] Amun Akris > You're all fucking bitches.
[ 2011.08.27 04:34:41 ] Amun Akris > This "ragebear" is going to come back and kill you all. Don't quit EVE. It will take time.
[ 2011.08.27 04:35:12 ] Amun Akris > And yea, a carebear in a pirate corp. FUCK THAT. Hence, I'm quitting.
[ 2011.08.27 04:35:31 ] Kasdeya Vetis > Really? What'd we do to you besides give you a home?
[ 2011.08.27 04:35:38 ] Amun Akris > Now kindly lick the most sickening part of my unwashed ass, you no-life griefers.
[ 2011.08.27 04:35:58 ] Kasdeya Vetis > y u mad tho?
[ 2011.08.27 04:36:26 ] Amun Akris > Yea. Well. You gave me a home...and talked mad shit about me...
[ 2011.08.27 04:36:31 ] Amun Akris > That NEVER makes anyone mad.
[ 2011.08.27 04:36:39 ] Amun Akris > Ragebear?
[ 2011.08.27 04:36:40 ] Amun Akris > Seriously.
[ 2011.08.27 04:36:52 ] Kasdeya Vetis > to be fair, that was only after you flipped out over a very insignificant event.
[ 2011.08.27 04:36:58 ] Amun Akris > Tears? Not tears...a promise of vengeance. I'm going to kill you all.
[ 2011.08.27 04:37:09 ] Captain Octanis > *ahem* its a game mate
[ 2011.08.27 04:37:16 ] Amun Akris > Yea
[ 2011.08.27 04:37:17 ] Amun Akris > It's a game.
[ 2011.08.27 04:37:22 ] Amun Akris > But you're really a douche. So sad.
[ 2011.08.27 04:37:32 ] Amun Akris > And if I can't kill you in real life, I will do so in game.
[ 2011.08.27 04:37:41 ] Captain Octanis > heh you dont know me bruh, been here for 3 days
[ 2011.08.27 04:37:54 ] Amun Akris > I don't have to. You want to be a pirate.
[ 2011.08.27 04:37:58 ] Kasdeya Vetis > Is this like one of those action movies where the hero slinks away defeated in the beginning, and then comes back at the end all Boss?
[ 2011.08.27 04:38:03 ] Amun Akris > From what I've seen... Pirate = Douchebag
[ 2011.08.27 04:38:19 ] Captain Octanis > pirate- pewpew
[ 2011.08.27 04:38:33 ] Amun Akris > You kill things because you can. Usually weaker, less skilled things.
[ 2011.08.27 04:38:39 ] Amun Akris > Because you lack balls to kill real shit.
[ 2011.08.27 04:39:09 ] Kasdeya Vetis > or, because we make more profit from weaker shit. duh.
[ 2011.08.27 04:39:13 ] Captain Octanis > HE MAD, REAL MAD BRO
[ 2011.08.27 04:39:33 ] Amun Akris > Nice, Octanis. Very original. Please use a meme that isn't driven into the ground?
[ 2011.08.27 04:39:47 ] Captain Octanis > ok, man the fuck up and get over it- its a dam game
[ 2011.08.27 04:39:57 ] Kasdeya Vetis > How many lions do you see jumping other lions when there's gazelles all around? You can't actually be that dumb.
[ 2011.08.27 04:40:00 ] Captain Octanis > and thats CAPTAIN.... octanis son
[ 2011.08.27 04:40:05 ] Amun Akris > I will. I'm going to kill you all.
[ 2011.08.27 04:40:06 ] Kasdeya Vetis > savvy?
[ 2011.08.27 04:40:19 ] Amun Akris > Lions don't kill for money.
[ 2011.08.27 04:40:27 ] Captain Octanis > gonna need moar tear cans...
[ 2011.08.27 04:40:35 ] Kasdeya Vetis > I'm envisioning some of those Dragonball Z angry anime lines beinhd you when you say that, just so you know.
[ 2011.08.27 04:40:41 ] Kasdeya Vetis > It makes the threat more epic.
[ 2011.08.27 04:40:46 ] Amun Akris > They don't kill fictional people in fictional worlds to sate their lack of self-satisfaction in the real world. Do not equate lions with video games. That's retarded.
[ 2011.08.27 04:40:49 ] Aesomere > Don't forget to add the bounties
[ 2011.08.27 04:40:59 ] Amun Akris > No. No bounties.
[ 2011.08.27 04:41:07 ] Amun Akris > I'm going to kill you myself. And the bounty system is fucked up.
[ 2011.08.27 04:41:13 ] Captain Octanis >
[ 2011.08.27 04:41:16 ] Captain Octanis > ^^^ amun
[ 2011.08.27 04:41:22 ] Kasdeya Vetis > I recommend less talk, more pew pew.
[ 2011.08.27 04:41:29 ] Aesomere > Amen
[ 2011.08.27 04:41:35 ] Amun Akris > I recommend you gobbling a bowl of steaming cock.
[ 2011.08.27 04:41:45 ] Kasdeya Vetis > I mean, you're starting to look like a windbag.
[ 2011.08.27 04:41:55 ] Kasdeya Vetis > You're not in politics in real life, are you?
[ 2011.08.27 04:42:17 ] Amun Akris > I'm trying to get kicked out of this bullshit corp.
[ 2011.08.27 04:42:31 ] Amun Akris > Forceably ejected.
[ 2011.08.27 04:42:32 ] Kasdeya Vetis > Somebody is logging this, right? This is gonna be epic on the blog.
[ 2011.08.27 04:42:42 ] Amun Akris > Oh, and make some enemies. I don't have any. That's not very interesting.
[ 2011.08.27 04:42:46 ] Captain Octanis > and what do you plan to do after? mine us to death?
[ 2011.08.27 04:42:55 ] Aesomere > I can't believe your so pissed u lost that measley 1 mil
[ 2011.08.27 04:42:55 ] Amun Akris > I have 0 mining skills
[ 2011.08.27 04:43:05 ] Amun Akris > Well, 1 mill is a lot when you only have 3 mil
[ 2011.08.27 04:43:06 ] Captain Octanis > well then, thats gonna take a while to kill us
[ 2011.08.27 04:43:07 ] Kasdeya Vetis > Who has enemies in a video game besides butthurt little kids?
[ 2011.08.27 04:43:28 ] Amun Akris > I do.
[ 2011.08.27 04:43:30 ] Kasdeya Vetis > You want me to lend you some cash to get a ship that won't melt in five seconds flat?
[ 2011.08.27 04:43:32 ] Amun Akris > It's more interesting. More challenging.
[ 2011.08.27 04:43:41 ] Aesomere > Whenever you decide to come after us, we'll be here
[ 2011.08.27 04:43:47 ] Captain Octanis >
[ 2011.08.27 04:43:49 ] Aesomere > and then you'll rage again
[ 2011.08.27 04:43:49 ] Captain Octanis > IS THIS YOU?!!!
[ 2011.08.27 04:43:56 ] Amun Akris > Don't underestimate the "ragebear."
[ 2011.08.27 04:44:03 ] Amun Akris > After all...a still a bear.
[ 2011.08.27 04:44:26 ] Aesomere > type care bear in google
[ 2011.08.27 04:44:37 ] Kasdeya Vetis > I don't think anyone has any estimating to do here. You've made it plain you're a raging idiot.
[ 2011.08.27 04:45:00 ] Aesomere > those look more like teddy bears stuffed full of gayness
[ 2011.08.27 04:45:01 ] Kasdeya Vetis > lol at the vid, Cap. I like where he has to stop to take breaths.
[ 2011.08.27 04:45:06 ] Amun Akris > Oh really? Since you know me from my online interactions? That makes you an expert.
[ 2011.08.27 04:45:14 ] Amun Akris > On me.
[ 2011.08.27 04:45:18 ] Amun Akris > You know EVERYTHING about me.
[ 2011.08.27 04:45:25 ] Amun Akris > I'm an idiot because you pissed me off?
[ 2011.08.27 04:45:36 ] Aesomere > How did we piss you off
[ 2011.08.27 04:45:41 ] Amun Akris > I get angry...and somehow that makes me less intelligent.
[ 2011.08.27 04:45:43 ] Kasdeya Vetis > I'm guessing I'd need a swinging 12 inch black cock to be an expert on you, but I know what I've seen so far.
[ 2011.08.27 04:45:46 ] Aesomere > im not the one who popped your hauler
[ 2011.08.27 04:45:46 ] Amun Akris > Makes NO sense...
[ 2011.08.27 04:45:56 ] Amun Akris > I am a yea...
[ 2011.08.27 04:46:09 ] Amun Akris > I don't swing the other penis is where it's at...
[ 2011.08.27 04:46:12 ] Captain Octanis > ... =relatedoh wait here you are
[ 2011.08.27 04:46:25 ] Kasdeya Vetis > It's hard to tell with the hood.
[ 2011.08.27 04:46:38 ] Captain Octanis > XD
[ 2011.08.27 04:46:38 ] Amun Akris > Rightttt....
[ 2011.08.27 04:46:41 ] Aesomere > chicks dont play eve anyways
[ 2011.08.27 04:46:46 ] Amun Akris > Heh...ok...
[ 2011.08.27 04:46:54 ] Captain Octanis > oh so playing the gender card now eh?
[ 2011.08.27 04:47:05 ] Amun Akris > Hijos de la reputa chingada madre que les pario...
[ 2011.08.27 04:47:07 ] Captain Octanis > "oh wait you're a woman, we should let her rant away at us!"
[ 2011.08.27 04:47:27 ] Kasdeya Vetis > Unless you're coming to my house to blow me, I don't really care if you're male or female. Well, scratch that. I probably wouldn't care then, either.
[ 2011.08.27 04:47:37 ] Kasdeya Vetis > The point is that I don't care.
[ 2011.08.27 04:47:42 ] Amun Akris > Io sono molte cose...mas stupido non e uno...
[ 2011.08.27 04:47:45 ] Captain Octanis > LMAO
[ 2011.08.27 04:48:23 ] Amun Akris > Captain, your links are not watched. As long as you're aware...
[ 2011.08.27 04:48:33 ] Kasdeya Vetis > I used to have a "make me a sammich" gif around here somewhere, but it's probably a moot point.
[ 2011.08.27 04:48:45 ] Kasdeya Vetis > I'm watching his vids, and they are hilarious. Keep posting.
[ 2011.08.27 04:48:53 ] Captain Octanis > io parlo italiano troppo
[ 2011.08.27 04:49:37 ] Aesomere > yes, women should be in the kitchen
[ 2011.08.27 04:49:44 ] Amun Akris > E? Da mi un baccio sul culo...
[ 2011.08.27 04:50:00 ] Kasdeya Vetis > or on me bouncy penor. boing boing boing
[ 2011.08.27 04:50:08 ] Amun Akris > Or in an office making translating for a multinational corporation....
[ 2011.08.27 04:50:08 ] Aesomere > lol
[ 2011.08.27 04:50:22 ] Aesomere > nah, im stickin with kitchen
[ 2011.08.27 04:50:25 ] Kasdeya Vetis > same
[ 2011.08.27 04:51:43 ] Kasdeya Vetis > So what was it like when the ship melted around you? Was there a definite "what the hell is happening" phase, or was it straight to mega-rage?
[ 2011.08.27 04:51:59 ] Captain Octanis >
[ 2011.08.27 04:52:00 ] Captain Octanis > my fav
[ 2011.08.27 04:52:03 ] Captain Octanis > eve related
[ 2011.08.27 04:52:29 ] Aesomere > rage, revenge, then wanted to kill pirates that had nothing to do with it
[ 2011.08.27 04:52:46 ] Kasdeya Vetis > The most reasonable response possible, then.
[ 2011.08.27 04:53:14 ] Kasdeya Vetis > I take back my earlier doubts. You are definitely a chick. Not even going to ask for tits to prove it.

So he quit the corp right afterwards. We were going to try to grief him a little bit but he ran as far and as fast as he could to some distant corp. I guess we will have to wait for his revenge.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The death of a carebear but the birth of a pirate?

For those who don't know, Black Sail has an industrial corp (White Sail) that helps keep us in ships and mods.  While Black Sail is full of nasty pirates, we have to manufacturers and miners for White Sail.  We try to stick with people who have the pirate mindset and members are invited to fleet up with the rest of us as long as they keep their sec status up enough to operate in high sec.

One of our newer indy members apparently got his hauler ganked in low sec.  The chat that followed in our alliance chat showed he may have not had an in-depth interview when he was accepted into corp. It's a little long but worth the read:

[13:52:30] White Sail Carebear > A FUCKING PIRATE JUST TOOK OUT MY SHIP
[13:52:32] White Sail Carebear > COCKSUCKER
[13:54:19] Black Sail Pirate > gotta be careful in lowsec
[13:55:17] White Sail Carebear > Well I just lost all my shit
[13:55:30] White Sail Carebear > And I WAS careful
[13:55:35] White Sail Carebear > I'm just a noob flying back to base
[13:55:42] White Sail Carebear > And I warped to 0 and everything
[13:55:44] White Sail Carebear > He was gate camping
[13:55:47] White Sail Carebear > I had no chance.
[13:55:49] Black Sail Pirate > welcome to low-sec
[13:55:51] White Sail Carebear > Killed me in one volley
[13:58:51] White Sail Carebear > Right
[13:59:01] White Sail Carebear > So...who's gonna help me go back there and toast that fucker?
[14:00:36] Black Sail Pirate > im still moving shit out of our old home so im not near ya
[14:02:10] White Sail Carebear > Well I'm back at my goddamn pod...
[14:02:22] White Sail Carebear > I was LITERALLY hauling everything I just earned in Caldari space BACK to base
[14:02:30] White Sail Carebear > Three ships, tons of ore, and weaponry out the ass
[14:02:53] Aesomere > where were you at
[14:03:07] White Sail Carebear > I don't even know
[14:03:11] White Sail Carebear > I tried conversation with him
[14:03:32] White Sail Carebear > And he said "Your account is a year old, you don't expect me to believe you have only 4M skillpoints?"
[14:03:55] White Sail Carebear > I was like "FUck yea, asshole. Who else but a noob would FOLLOW YOU through a gate wondering WTF a blinking red light on the overview meant?"
[14:04:16] Aesomere > lol just because an account is that old doesnt mean whoever owns it has been playin and training a full year
[14:04:31] Black Sail Pirate > exactly
[14:05:01] White Sail Carebear > Tell HIM that
[14:06:16] White Sail Carebear > Wow
[14:06:20] White Sail Carebear > He just fucking blocked me
[14:06:31] White Sail Carebear > Is THIS what pirates do?!?!?!
[14:06:40] White Sail Carebear > Fucking take out noobs to stroke their own fucking piss poor egos?
[14:06:52] White Sail Carebear > I want no part of this shit.
[14:06:57] Black Sail Pirate > dont sweat it man, it happens,
[14:07:01] White Sail Carebear > Ruining other people's gameplay because you can...
[14:07:09] White Sail Carebear > That's fucking humanity for you.
[14:07:34] White Sail Carebear > EVE is an accurate reflection of people "Why did you just destroy me?" Response: "Because I can" or "Because it entertained me"
[14:07:48] White Sail Carebear > Fucking ridiculous
[14:08:07] White Sail Carebear > I thought pirating was just like doing faction warefare. Like...consensual PvP...but no
[14:08:10] White Sail Carebear > It's all about ganking noobs.
[14:08:12] White Sail Carebear > Fail.
[14:08:47] Aesomere > yea, pirating is very much unlike faction warfare
[14:08:58] White Sail Carebear > Well I didn't fucking know that.
[14:09:02] White Sail Carebear > And I want NO part of this shit.
[14:09:17] White Sail Carebear > I will stay in White Sail as long as I never take part in that shameless bullshit.
[14:09:35] White Sail Carebear > Have you guys ganked noobs like that??????
[14:10:23] Black Sail Pirate > we dont take time to check how long someone has been playing
[14:10:34] Black Sail Pirate > some of the best pvpers ive met have been very new players
[14:11:29] Black Sail Pirate Ovaltiney for example
[14:13:00] White Sail Carebear > Well I didn't have a snowball's chance in hell. I was in an industrial ship I had JUST learned to fly racing as fast as I could to base with a knowledge that has been corrupted and degraded due to lack of use and the passage of time.
[14:13:06] White Sail Carebear > Call it an excuse, but it's the truth.
[14:13:23] White Sail Carebear > And I did some pretty damn fine Faction Warfare back in December in my punisher....
[14:13:51] White Sail Carebear I rolled with TBC then. Good times. But, the Company moved to a different game
[14:14:22] Black Sail Pirate > Faction warfare is usually a little safer than lowsec, as ppl are careful about what they attack as not to lose sec status, but out here we dont much care about it
[14:14:49] White Sail Carebear > Ah
[14:14:53] White Sail Carebear > Sort of like entry level PvP
[14:15:03] Black Sail Pirate > pretty much
[14:15:15] White Sail Carebear > Alright
[14:15:16] White Sail Carebear > Fine then
[14:15:24] White Sail Carebear > If this is "the way of things" in EVE
[14:15:27] White Sail Carebear > Then FUCK mining.
[14:15:29] Black Sail Pirate > faction warfare is a place for ppl to get the pvp action without as much risk to their sec and stuff
[14:15:33] Aesomere > yea in a pirates mind theres only a couple things he thinks, who can i kill, and how much profit does it make me
[14:15:41] Black Sail Pirate > exactly
[14:15:54] White Sail Carebear > Give me the biggest fucking gun and let me hunt down that fucking bitch who just vaped me.
[14:16:06] White Sail Carebear > Revenge is now my modus operandi
[14:16:09] White Sail Carebear > Get me in Grey Sail
[14:16:21] Black Sail Pirate > i will let buck know
[14:16:30] White Sail Carebear > I'm going to fucking vaporize any goddamn ship that isn't flying Black Sail colors
[14:16:42] Black Sail Pirate > embracing the pirate lifestyle lol
[14:16:58] White Sail Carebear > No, embracing the hell-bent on payback lifestyle.
[14:17:07] Black Sail Pirate > close enough
[14:17:07] White Sail Carebear > If I have to be a pirate to kill be it.
[14:17:20] Black Sail Pirate > just be ready to kiss hi-sec goodbye
[14:17:28] Black Sail Pirate > as you wont be welcome there soon
[14:17:32] White Sail Carebear > There will be a great lamentation in the universe when I am done.
[14:17:50] White Sail Carebear > Fuck it. If I need ISK...I'll just fucking take someone else's.
[14:18:05] White Sail Carebear > Kill you, sell your shit. End of story.
[14:18:55] White Sail Carebear > Luckily I had Platinum insurance on every one of those ships. Just in case something like this happened. I did it RIGHT before I left the station.
[14:19:16] White Sail Carebear > I put that cock gobbling pirate wannabe on my watch list.
[14:19:31] White Sail Carebear > I'm going to get my shield tank on, then I'm going to fucking murder him. Repeatedly if I can.
[14:19:59] White Sail Carebear > The ONLY time I've *EVER* lost a ship in this game is to whores like him.
[14:20:10] White Sail Carebear > I lost an Amarr industrial too to pirates.
[14:20:40] White Sail Carebear > Same scenario. I was just minding my own business. Had to cross through low sec to get to my destination. The pirates were sitting at the gate....
[14:20:51] Black Sail Pirate > industials are like pinata's to pirates, crack em open and see what falls out
[14:21:18] White Sail Carebear > Interesting analogy.
[14:21:23] Black Sail Pirate > you can set ur autopilot to avoid lowsec i you are trying to get to a hisec system
[14:21:24] Black Sail Pirate > lol
[14:21:28] Black Sail Pirate > its pretty accurate
[14:21:59] White Sail Carebear > Here's another: I want to crack open fighting pirate ships to watch their entrails fall out into a steaming pile and smile as the light of life slowly leaves their Gods-forsake, no good, yellow bellied ass.
[14:23:01] White Sail Carebear > Then I want to bathe in their blood, rape their wives, and eat their unborn children while dancing on their grandmother's flea-ridden corpse.
[14:23:27] White Sail Carebear >'s not about money any more.
[14:23:39] White Sail Carebear > It's about the PEOPLE full of shit sitting behind their keyboards.
[14:23:49] White Sail Carebear > Laughing at me because I was an easy kill.
[14:23:55] White Sail Carebear > It's time THIS carebear grew some teeth.
[14:26:08] White Sail Carebear > That actually pissed me off.
[14:26:11] White Sail Carebear > I'm getting off here.
[14:26:20] White Sail Carebear > I'm going to go watch porn or something to cool down. ROFL
[14:26:26] Black Sail Pirate > lol later man
I found it hilarious how he didn't know that pirates popped haulers.  I guess he didn't check our kb since it is full of indy ship kills.  I also like how his mood changes from wanting to stay the hell away from pvp to shipping up and going out to kill everything.  Maybe he will fleet up on a couple of roams and decide on a new career path.

But then who is going to mine for us?