Friday, August 26, 2011

The death of a carebear but the birth of a pirate?

For those who don't know, Black Sail has an industrial corp (White Sail) that helps keep us in ships and mods.  While Black Sail is full of nasty pirates, we have to manufacturers and miners for White Sail.  We try to stick with people who have the pirate mindset and members are invited to fleet up with the rest of us as long as they keep their sec status up enough to operate in high sec.

One of our newer indy members apparently got his hauler ganked in low sec.  The chat that followed in our alliance chat showed he may have not had an in-depth interview when he was accepted into corp. It's a little long but worth the read:

[13:52:30] White Sail Carebear > A FUCKING PIRATE JUST TOOK OUT MY SHIP
[13:52:32] White Sail Carebear > COCKSUCKER
[13:54:19] Black Sail Pirate > gotta be careful in lowsec
[13:55:17] White Sail Carebear > Well I just lost all my shit
[13:55:30] White Sail Carebear > And I WAS careful
[13:55:35] White Sail Carebear > I'm just a noob flying back to base
[13:55:42] White Sail Carebear > And I warped to 0 and everything
[13:55:44] White Sail Carebear > He was gate camping
[13:55:47] White Sail Carebear > I had no chance.
[13:55:49] Black Sail Pirate > welcome to low-sec
[13:55:51] White Sail Carebear > Killed me in one volley
[13:58:51] White Sail Carebear > Right
[13:59:01] White Sail Carebear > So...who's gonna help me go back there and toast that fucker?
[14:00:36] Black Sail Pirate > im still moving shit out of our old home so im not near ya
[14:02:10] White Sail Carebear > Well I'm back at my goddamn pod...
[14:02:22] White Sail Carebear > I was LITERALLY hauling everything I just earned in Caldari space BACK to base
[14:02:30] White Sail Carebear > Three ships, tons of ore, and weaponry out the ass
[14:02:53] Aesomere > where were you at
[14:03:07] White Sail Carebear > I don't even know
[14:03:11] White Sail Carebear > I tried conversation with him
[14:03:32] White Sail Carebear > And he said "Your account is a year old, you don't expect me to believe you have only 4M skillpoints?"
[14:03:55] White Sail Carebear > I was like "FUck yea, asshole. Who else but a noob would FOLLOW YOU through a gate wondering WTF a blinking red light on the overview meant?"
[14:04:16] Aesomere > lol just because an account is that old doesnt mean whoever owns it has been playin and training a full year
[14:04:31] Black Sail Pirate > exactly
[14:05:01] White Sail Carebear > Tell HIM that
[14:06:16] White Sail Carebear > Wow
[14:06:20] White Sail Carebear > He just fucking blocked me
[14:06:31] White Sail Carebear > Is THIS what pirates do?!?!?!
[14:06:40] White Sail Carebear > Fucking take out noobs to stroke their own fucking piss poor egos?
[14:06:52] White Sail Carebear > I want no part of this shit.
[14:06:57] Black Sail Pirate > dont sweat it man, it happens,
[14:07:01] White Sail Carebear > Ruining other people's gameplay because you can...
[14:07:09] White Sail Carebear > That's fucking humanity for you.
[14:07:34] White Sail Carebear > EVE is an accurate reflection of people "Why did you just destroy me?" Response: "Because I can" or "Because it entertained me"
[14:07:48] White Sail Carebear > Fucking ridiculous
[14:08:07] White Sail Carebear > I thought pirating was just like doing faction warefare. Like...consensual PvP...but no
[14:08:10] White Sail Carebear > It's all about ganking noobs.
[14:08:12] White Sail Carebear > Fail.
[14:08:47] Aesomere > yea, pirating is very much unlike faction warfare
[14:08:58] White Sail Carebear > Well I didn't fucking know that.
[14:09:02] White Sail Carebear > And I want NO part of this shit.
[14:09:17] White Sail Carebear > I will stay in White Sail as long as I never take part in that shameless bullshit.
[14:09:35] White Sail Carebear > Have you guys ganked noobs like that??????
[14:10:23] Black Sail Pirate > we dont take time to check how long someone has been playing
[14:10:34] Black Sail Pirate > some of the best pvpers ive met have been very new players
[14:11:29] Black Sail Pirate Ovaltiney for example
[14:13:00] White Sail Carebear > Well I didn't have a snowball's chance in hell. I was in an industrial ship I had JUST learned to fly racing as fast as I could to base with a knowledge that has been corrupted and degraded due to lack of use and the passage of time.
[14:13:06] White Sail Carebear > Call it an excuse, but it's the truth.
[14:13:23] White Sail Carebear > And I did some pretty damn fine Faction Warfare back in December in my punisher....
[14:13:51] White Sail Carebear I rolled with TBC then. Good times. But, the Company moved to a different game
[14:14:22] Black Sail Pirate > Faction warfare is usually a little safer than lowsec, as ppl are careful about what they attack as not to lose sec status, but out here we dont much care about it
[14:14:49] White Sail Carebear > Ah
[14:14:53] White Sail Carebear > Sort of like entry level PvP
[14:15:03] Black Sail Pirate > pretty much
[14:15:15] White Sail Carebear > Alright
[14:15:16] White Sail Carebear > Fine then
[14:15:24] White Sail Carebear > If this is "the way of things" in EVE
[14:15:27] White Sail Carebear > Then FUCK mining.
[14:15:29] Black Sail Pirate > faction warfare is a place for ppl to get the pvp action without as much risk to their sec and stuff
[14:15:33] Aesomere > yea in a pirates mind theres only a couple things he thinks, who can i kill, and how much profit does it make me
[14:15:41] Black Sail Pirate > exactly
[14:15:54] White Sail Carebear > Give me the biggest fucking gun and let me hunt down that fucking bitch who just vaped me.
[14:16:06] White Sail Carebear > Revenge is now my modus operandi
[14:16:09] White Sail Carebear > Get me in Grey Sail
[14:16:21] Black Sail Pirate > i will let buck know
[14:16:30] White Sail Carebear > I'm going to fucking vaporize any goddamn ship that isn't flying Black Sail colors
[14:16:42] Black Sail Pirate > embracing the pirate lifestyle lol
[14:16:58] White Sail Carebear > No, embracing the hell-bent on payback lifestyle.
[14:17:07] Black Sail Pirate > close enough
[14:17:07] White Sail Carebear > If I have to be a pirate to kill be it.
[14:17:20] Black Sail Pirate > just be ready to kiss hi-sec goodbye
[14:17:28] Black Sail Pirate > as you wont be welcome there soon
[14:17:32] White Sail Carebear > There will be a great lamentation in the universe when I am done.
[14:17:50] White Sail Carebear > Fuck it. If I need ISK...I'll just fucking take someone else's.
[14:18:05] White Sail Carebear > Kill you, sell your shit. End of story.
[14:18:55] White Sail Carebear > Luckily I had Platinum insurance on every one of those ships. Just in case something like this happened. I did it RIGHT before I left the station.
[14:19:16] White Sail Carebear > I put that cock gobbling pirate wannabe on my watch list.
[14:19:31] White Sail Carebear > I'm going to get my shield tank on, then I'm going to fucking murder him. Repeatedly if I can.
[14:19:59] White Sail Carebear > The ONLY time I've *EVER* lost a ship in this game is to whores like him.
[14:20:10] White Sail Carebear > I lost an Amarr industrial too to pirates.
[14:20:40] White Sail Carebear > Same scenario. I was just minding my own business. Had to cross through low sec to get to my destination. The pirates were sitting at the gate....
[14:20:51] Black Sail Pirate > industials are like pinata's to pirates, crack em open and see what falls out
[14:21:18] White Sail Carebear > Interesting analogy.
[14:21:23] Black Sail Pirate > you can set ur autopilot to avoid lowsec i you are trying to get to a hisec system
[14:21:24] Black Sail Pirate > lol
[14:21:28] Black Sail Pirate > its pretty accurate
[14:21:59] White Sail Carebear > Here's another: I want to crack open fighting pirate ships to watch their entrails fall out into a steaming pile and smile as the light of life slowly leaves their Gods-forsake, no good, yellow bellied ass.
[14:23:01] White Sail Carebear > Then I want to bathe in their blood, rape their wives, and eat their unborn children while dancing on their grandmother's flea-ridden corpse.
[14:23:27] White Sail Carebear >'s not about money any more.
[14:23:39] White Sail Carebear > It's about the PEOPLE full of shit sitting behind their keyboards.
[14:23:49] White Sail Carebear > Laughing at me because I was an easy kill.
[14:23:55] White Sail Carebear > It's time THIS carebear grew some teeth.
[14:26:08] White Sail Carebear > That actually pissed me off.
[14:26:11] White Sail Carebear > I'm getting off here.
[14:26:20] White Sail Carebear > I'm going to go watch porn or something to cool down. ROFL
[14:26:26] Black Sail Pirate > lol later man
I found it hilarious how he didn't know that pirates popped haulers.  I guess he didn't check our kb since it is full of indy ship kills.  I also like how his mood changes from wanting to stay the hell away from pvp to shipping up and going out to kill everything.  Maybe he will fleet up on a couple of roams and decide on a new career path.

But then who is going to mine for us?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Don't Confuse Luck with Skill

Sorry for the lack of postings.  RL and Eve have been very busy.  We'd had some diplomatic issues with blues come up that ended up with a big standings reset.  One of the corps in our alliance has left.  I knew all along the departure was inevitable due to some very big cultural differences between that corp and the rest of the alliance.  I'd actually thought that this split was going to be handed in a friendly manner for once until the CEO of that corp decided to write a blog posting about how great his corp is and how bad Yarr was for not being grateful enough for their advice on everything.   Add an alliance move and you can imagine how busy my Eve time has become.

However before all this drama kicked off a few of us decided to try to suicide gank a hulk in a nearby .5 system.  Suicide thrashers were fitted and I sent my cloaky alt in to get us a warp in point.  The ice belt he was in had a lot of cans and junk around so I was a little too cautious with my warp in.  Our gank landed outside of optimal so we lost our ships to Concord before we could kill him.  It sucked but it happens.

As we warped our pods back to low sec I saw the miner put out a "LOL" in local.  That's to be expected.  Anyone who survives after the shock of a high sec gank will probably use a little of that adrenaline to brag a little.  But this miner talked shit.  And talked shit.  And sent convo requests talking shit.  And send Eve mails talking shit.  It went on and on forever.

Finally I got tired of it and accepted his convo.  I explained that yes, he survived a gank.  Good job and all that but he is apparently mistaking his luck for skill.  I let him know his constant crowing about getting lucky has now made him a special project of the Yarr Collective and that we have sec status and ships to waste just to show him how unlucky he can be.

This pretty much shut him up but you can't take it back once the trigger is pulled.  Two days later he found himself getting a face full of shut the fuck up from a suicide mega and an email titled "The Yarr Collective Sends Their Regards".  I haven't heard much else from him since then.

Thanks to our member Planetary Genocide for tracking that fool down.