Thursday, February 24, 2011

Life Under the New Black Flag

Well it's been a couple of weeks since I left The Tuskers so I've finally decided to talk about my new corp.  It's called Black Sail Anarchists [BSAN].  Scary name eh?

We operate out of Otou in Gallente Space.  It's conveniently right next to the market hub of Hek so it's very easy to get supplies in and out.  The area is fairly active with a mix of ratters, haulers, anti-pirates, and other pirate corps.

Otou itself only seems to have one other pirate corp that calls it home.  This is the Screaming Skulls.  They tend to operate mostly when I am off so I don't interact with them much.  However when they are on, I avoid them since my corp is very small at the moment and I am typically outnumbered by shiny ships.  We are close to the infamous system of Rancer.  As far as I can tell, The United is still gate camping that system at all times of the day.  In fact, one of my corpmates lost a Stabber Fleet while trying to move ships to Otou.  Occasionally, United with blob up and gate camp various surrounding systems.

When we aren't looking for fights in our home system, we typically roam the surrounding low-sec routes up to Akkio, over to Egghelende, or down to Bosboger.  It's an interesting area with a variety of options.  Eve-Uni rolls through sometimes in their 50 man T1 frig gangs.  Egghelende has the Python Cartel.  There are several systems that seem to be favored by newer players running level 2 and level 3 missions.  There is even an isolated yet reachable low-sec system surrounded by high-sec where you can sometimes find miners.

So the area is good.  What about the corp?  Well it hasn't quite gone as I expected.  I was told that there was a core group that was going to join up once it was formed.  That didn't happen so we have had to build membership from the ground up.  Recruiting is slow going but that is because we don't want to take any 7 day old character that applies.  We want to keep it a small group of between 10 and 20 members of decent PVPers.  We have gotten a couple of recruits and we have several people flying blue with us with the intent of making them members soon.  I think we will hit 10 members pretty soon.  Then we may look at raising recruitment requirements.

For the record, the basic requirement is at least 6 million sp and 18+ years of age.  This may or may not get you in the door depending on your PvP experience.  That will be evaluated on a case by case basis.  Now when I say PvP experience, I don't mean you need to be in the top 10 on Battleclinic.  I mean that you should have something up on the kill board that shows you know enough not to hull tank your Drake.  We're not a training corp so we can't teach you PvP from the ground up.  With that being said, we are more than willing to help out with any questions though.

If you are interested in getting into low-sec piracy with small gangs and want to give us a shot, you can join "blacksailpub" in game or you can evemail me about it.


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